I can't imagine there ever being a day without a dog or two or more in my life. Growing up with the usual dogs, cats, birds, horses, guinea pigs, and rodents of all kinds, it was the dogs that always captured my heart. We now love, and share our lives with three dogs: the lovely Annabelle, the defiant Percy, and the ever- loving Doobie, our therapy dog, who works his magic and creates smiles where ever we go, while I stand idly by.

I love being with dogs, watching dogs, talking about and advocating for dogs, and I LOVE working with humans that love their dogs! What better way to do this than to teach them how to have fun and train their dog at the same time! Then in 2011, after years of taking classes, assisting and coaching classes, apprenticing under and co-training with Trainer Jeni Grant, B.A., CPDT-KA, Small and Tall Dog Training was born.

                                                                                                                              What they're saying...

What is Positive Training?  Positive reward based dog training is a way to bond with your dog in ways that don't happen with thoutdated punishment or "balanced" training methods.  We never use shock, pinch, or choke collars, intimidation, yelling or force of any kind.  Using only positive reward reinforcement such as treats and play, we teach your dog what you want them to do. Not punish them for what you don't.   It is a way for your dog to learn to trust you and vice versa.  It is a way for you to see a side of your dog that you generally wouldn't see without the benefit of positive training.  Once you've learned the basics and developed the skills, you can take it as far as you'd like to go.  
Experience and Training:
  •     Teach Puppy Kindergarten, Puppy First Grade, Basic Manners I & II, Canine Good Citizen Prep, Out & About
  •     Teach Confidence Building, and Fearful Dogs classes 
  •     Teach Pet Tricks, Play and Games for Small Dogs, Agility Games for Small Dogs 
  •     Coach for Reactive Dog class
  •     2016 Licensed Family Paws Educator
  •     How To Live With Your Adopted Dog workshop presenter held at Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center
  •     Advice for Adopters Workshop presenter at Your Dogs Friend    
  •     Member of the training team for the Foster Dog Alliance
  •     Assisted with Foundation Skills for Dog Sports class
Continuing my education in the world of dogs and training is of the utmost importance.  In addition to attending training workshops and seminars listed below, I also attend many webinars to further my knowledge.  
  •      2 Day workshop - Living and Learning with Animals with Dr Susan Friedman ( June 2016 - Exton, PA)
  •      3 Day Karen Pryor Academy Clicker Expo training workshops with Lindsay Wood, Michelle Pouliot, Dr. Jesus Rosales Ruiz, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Dr Susan Friedman, Teresa McKeon, Sarah Owings, and more (March 2016)
  •      2 Day Workshop - So Many Choices! with Kathy Sdao, MA, ACAAB (July 2014 - Exton, PA)
  •      2 Day Seminar -  Training From Core to Complex with Ken Ramirez  (May 2014 - White Plains, NY)     
  •      3 Day workshop with Kay Lawrence - www.learningaboutdogs.com (October 2013 - Winchester, CT)
  •      2 Day Workshop - Improve Your "I-Cue" with Kathy Sdao, MA, ACAAB (November 2012 - Columbia, MD)
  •      2 Day Seminar - Making the Impossible - Possible! by Ken Ramirez  (July 2012 - Exton, PA)
  •      Seminar - Dog Talk: An Up-to-the-Minute Update on Canine Communication by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.,     (January 2012 - Orlando, FL)
  •      Seminar - What Not to Err: Training Mistakes That Create Headaches for Dogs by Kathy Sdao, MA, ACAAB (January 2012 -Orlando, FL)
  •      Seminar - A Lot in Life Is Free: An Alternative to Rank-based Training Models by Kathy Sdao, MA, ACAA (January 2012 - Orlando, FL)
  •     Apprenticed for dog trainer / behavior counselor, Jeni Grant, BA, CPDT-KA  www.trainyourbestfriend.com
  •      Foster dogs for Montgomery County Humane Society and other rescues
  •      Volunteer with Montgomery County C.A.R.T. (County Animal Response Team)
  •      Volunteer with Pets On Wheels - Montgomery County, MD
  •      Volunteer with Your Dogs Friend (a non-profit 501(c) ) www.yourdogsfriend.org
  •      Managed a boarding kennel
  •      Veterinary Technician
  •      Kennel Technician for Montgomery County Humane Society
  •      Fully Insured
  •       Member of The Pet Professional Guild: The Association for Force Free Pet Professionals  www.petprofessionalguild.com
  •      Full Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers  www.APDT.com
  •      Member of Mid Atlantic Association of Professional, Positive Pet Trainers
  •      American Kennel Club Approved Canine Good Citizen Evaluator  #88365

Special thanks to my mentor and friend Jeni Grant of Train Your Best Friend, I will always be grateful for her willingness to pass on her endless knowledge, skills and guidance.   And to Debra Ekman, founder of Your Dogs Friend, who pointed me in the right direction and gave me the nudge I needed.