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All classes listed are held at Your Dogs Friend training center located at  12221 Parklawn Dr,  Rockville, MD    

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 Saturdays 8:30am - 9:45am - CLICK HERE to register &  9:55am - 11:10am CLICK HERE to register
Puppy Kindergarten classes have rolling registration. That means that your family and puppy can join the class you choose as soon as space opens.  In Puppy Kindergarten, you will start teaching your puppy basic good manners (like sit, come, loose-leash walking, wait, leave it, attention, settle); learn how to deal with typical puppy challenges (including mouthing, house training, jumping); watch your puppy socialize with other puppies in a controlled environment, as your instructor explains how pups communicate; and practice training exercises, like “drop it” and handling, to help prevent future fear and aggression issues.

 -  Saturdays,  11:20am - 12:20pm  CLICK HERE   Not offered at this time
Continue the fun and the training!  This class is for students whose dogs have graduated from our Puppy Kindergarten classes and are ready to advance what they've learned.  Playtime will be included when possible. 

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Continue the fun, the training, and the socialization!  This class is for students whose dogs have graduated from our Puppy 1st Grade classes.  Playtime will be included when possible. 

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    Fridays, starting April 11th - 10:15am - 11:15am CLICK HERE to register
You and your wonderful 4 footed companion will have fun while learning the basics.  We'll work on Loose Leash Walking, Come, Sit, and more.  

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Expand upon what you've learned in Basic I. Work on longer stays, teaching your dog Down from a distance, stronger recalls and more!

The AKC canine good citizen program was developed to test a dog's disposition as well as the dog's and handlers skills.  The CGC test is a great goal for everyone to have weather you're going on to become a therapy team, compete in dog sports and even "just because".   A test will be scheduled by Your Dogs Friend shortly after the class is complete.   The AKC's Canine Good Citizen - What it is

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This class will teach your dog three important lessons: 1) You and your dog are a team and he can trust you to protect him; 2) New and unusual situations can be fun; and 3) What’s unfamiliar can make treats happen. You will encourage your dog to go through tunnels and hoops, walk on different surfaces, and try some of the smaller Agility equipment. Puppies will do only what's safe for their developing bodies, and small dogs will work on the lower levels of our adjustable equipment. We will also help your dog develop positive associations with strange, moving things – like kid-sized cars and carts – as well as with someone using a walker or crutches. This class is good for puppies, budding therapy dogs, and timid dogs that need a little help learning that the world isn’t such a scary place. It is not for reactive dogs or for extremely fearful dogs.

"[Our dog] used to go to the vet and was so anxious she wouldn't even take treats.  The last couple of times we went, she accepted LOTS of treats, and even wagged her tail.  Simply saying "good girl" seems to be enough for her to want to explore 'scary' things. "

OUT & ABOUT  - Sessions are in the Fall and in the Spring  
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Co-trained with Sarah Stoycos (Laughing dog Academy).  Take the skills you've learned in Basic Manners or Puppy class and work with them out in the real world.  Class meets at 4 different locations while we practice leash walking, and other real life skills. 

Pet Tricks

PET TRICKS  ONLINE! -  4 week session starting 4/21! CLICK HERE  TO REGISTER
Teaching tricks is a great way to have fun with your dog, exercise his brain and body, build your bond, practice the training skills you already have and learn new ones.  This 4-week class will be individualized to help you find the tricks that your dog likes and is best able to do, from old stand-bys like rolling over or giving a high-five, to skateboarding.  You can also earn your way up the different levels of the AKC’s Trick Dog Titles.

 -   No class scheduled at this time - Please see the Online Fearful Dog Class -  CLICK HERE to be on the waitlist
This class is appropriate for fearful dogs that are ready to try a class environment, but need a controlled, calm setting. We will include conference calls, outside of class, to discuss your dogs’ issues, so that in class your dog won’t be listening to a “strange” person in the middle of the room and you can fully focus on your dog. Before registering, please call the me to see if this is the right class for your dog. 

In this class, you will learn how to pinpoint the signs your dog is worried. You’ll gain some strategies to minimize your dog’s exposure to the things that trigger his anxiety and learn a process to work through your dog’s fears, changing your dog’s emotional response from “Oh no!!” to “Okay!”. In return, your dog will gain confidence and learn to trust that you’ve got his back.
Class consists of four webinars. Registration in the course also includes access to a Facebook discussion group where you can pose specific questions about you and your dog.

PLAY AND GAMES FOR SMALL DOGS (Single Sessions) -  CLICK HERE for more information
Here is a chance for your small dog to run agility (don't worry - we'll keep it easy and fun) without the big dogs looming over them.  We'll also play some games like Find-It, Catch the Corn, and Tic-Tac-Toe.  Class is for dogs under 20lbs that get along well with other dogs.   

"Nellie and I had a blast" 

PLAY AND GAMES FOR SMALL DOGS the CLASS (4 one hr sessions) -  CLICK HERE for more information
This class is designed the same as the single session class but will allow us time to learn more games and even learn a few tricks. Of course we will always make sure there's plenty of free time for the pups to play.  Class is for dogs under 20lbs that get along well with other dogs.  

No class scheduled?  Grab a few friends and create your own in your own backyard!  See Services and Rates  for details.

Play and Games - the Tunnel

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Play and Games - Playtime!


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