What they're saying...

"I am not sure if you remember us, but my dog Gigi was in the online Fearful Dog class back in the [summer] of 2020. ... I wanted to say thank you so much for helping Gig transform into a more confident dog. She still has some challenges, but she has come a long way since June of 2020." Chelsea M. - Online Fearful Dog class student

"Thank you Lisa! ... It has been a true pleasure working with you. We'll be continuing to practice, and to apply the important principles you've shared throughout training. It's so clear from your approach that training is more than going through the motions. It's about understanding the way the dog interprets what we are doing in order to really communicate. " Donna H., Silver Spring, MD

Thank you for all the good advice and example and the approach of kindness and encouragement, rather than scolding and punishment and pain. A wild rescue dog is changing into an attentive, obedient, friend now, and I appreciate all the help you and Debbie gave us. Jim R - Basic Manners student.

"I hope you remember me. We had [our dogs] with some aggression issues towards each other, and some other issues. I wanted to let you know that for at least 9-10 months now they have been great! They get along great, play together, eat together and cuddle all the time. .... They both listen to us when called, walk with us, behave so well. Your consultation and the training helped us so much. We followed all your suggestions and it has paid off....Thanks so much for all the help and training you provided. Just thought you should know how much it helped. Much appreciated, Debbie L."

"Hi Lisa and Debbie, [Debbie Anderson is my wonderful class assistant!]

[My dog] and I had a wonderful time in your class. We had bad experiences at pet store trainings and mediocre ones with a private trainer. I attended three workshops by YDF before I signed up for this class, and was confident I made the right decision. And I did. You both are dedicated and knowledgable teachers who care so much about our furriends! We had a great time and will be back for more." - Michelle M - Basic Manners student

"Thank you again for your wonderful class and one-on-one!" Amy G.& Lucky - Puppy Kindergarten student

"I can't recommend this trainer enough for any kind of dog. She is progressive, has a great sense of humor, and her dogs are great advertisements for her training process. If you are in the Rockville/Gaithersburg area, keep her in mind." - Mary E. - Rockville, MD

"thanks so much for all your advice and all the tools you have provided. So far, it has helped tremendously and I foresee that if we are consistent, both dogs will improve greatly." - D.L. - Silver Spring, MD

"You really have a great sense of things and I truly love your approach to the issues. I am so happy we found you and am thankful especially this holiday for you." - C.H Rockville, MD

"My name is Libby and I contacted Lisa with a reactive 5 year old neutered male cocker spaniel, very sweet with people but terrible with strange dogs - walking past them, just seeing them within hundreds of feet, etc. It was very stressful to take him to be groomed or even to walk in a neighborhood.

Lisa gave me the tools that I needed to help my boy with his aggression. I'm happy to report that I am now able to take Spenser pretty much anywhere and am very comfortable that I can help him have perfect manners. Lisa's instruction and our practice affected an enormous behavioral change and I could not be happier. All of our instruction was positive and enjoyed by both of us, which was very important to me since I had had previous non-positive training with disastrous results.

I highly recommend Lisa and her techniques as fun and VERY effective. I believe that you will enjoy every minute (as will your dog) and expect to check in with her regularly. She is amazing!

Thank you, Libby and Spenser"

"Lisa is awesome! Matt W. and I are so happy to be working with her. She has pointed us to tools and resources to help us get our training to the next level. She's kind and friendly, and a great ally in positive training. I highly recommend her." Sarah D. (from FaceBook post)

"Hi Lisa,

I've been meaning to email you to tell you just how much progress [our dog] made from your confidence class. She used to go to the vet and was so anxious she wouldn't even take treats. The last couple of times we went, she accepted LOTS of treats, and even wagged her tail. Simply saying "good girl" seems to be enough for her to want to explore 'scary' things. We're so proud of her. Thanks again for your help. ..." A.S.

Lisa apprenticed with me for years and has a great background of varied experience with animals. I highly recommend her as class or private trainer. She has experience with a full range of dog behavior issues from training skills to serious behavior issues. She has more knowledge of fear, anxiety, and reactivity and building an effective behavior modification plan than most trainers I know. She has all the qualities I look for in a good trainer- excellent communication and observation skills, excellent experience and education, excellent dog handling skills, integrity, and a great concern for dog as well as the client. A rare combination to have all of those excellent traits. I recommend Lisa Arant highly. Feel free to contact me for reference. Jeni Grant BA, CPDT-KA www.trainyourbestfriend.com and www.www.helpmyfearfuldog.com

"Nellie, the moppy mutt, and I have attended two of Lisa’s Play and Games classes, and both times we had a fabulous experience. Lisa expertly and creatively taught, adapted, refereed, encouraged, and cheered us through each funfilled activity. And she did all this with the utmost patience and positive attitude. It's evident that Lisa loves dogs, training, and seeing both pet and owner having a good time. Thank you, Lisa" Risa Pegler - Ijamsville, MD

"Lisa is clearly an animal-lover with a kind and compassionate heart and a seemingly endless amount of patience for both dogs and their owners. I took my 1 year old rescued terrier mix to her general manners class and he made some excellent progress. Lisa was full of helpful tips and solutions to working around some of the behavioral challenges that we were facing. She was friendly and helpful, and continued to check in with me on Benji's progress even after the class had ended. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who wants greats results from someone who genuinely cares for animals." Marguerite R. -- Silver Spring, MD

"...my puppy Brandie is in the "Play and Games for Small Dogs" taught by Lisa on Saturday. This coming Saturday is the last week, and I tell you it is thoroughly enjoyable and the puppies in the class play and are so wonderful together. Lisa is great with the dogs and teaching them little games to play. I asked if there would be another class as I would surely sign up, it is well worth the time and money and sure all the other's in the class would agree. Just wanted to share with you as my puppy Brandie is so happy to be there. Thank you." Cheryl C. -- Rockville, MD

"Lily (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and I attend (as) many sessions of Lisa's classes that we can. I have attended many different classes with various dogs and Lisa is one of my favorite instructors that I've had. She runs her classes well and is beloved by both the people and the dogs. She manages the interactions and always seems to have eyes in the back of her head for any issues that crop up. Lily and I love the way she balances education and training with fun and games. Her explanations are always clear and well-demonstrated in class. If I ever had any questions about her methodologies, meeting her dog(s) and seeing how well trained and behaved they were proved she knows what she's talking about! " Stephanie S. -- Silver Spring, MD