Private Training - Services and Rates

Every dog is different. Every owner is different. Whether we're working on puppy training, basic dog training, or focusing on "problem" areas, every training session is custom tailored to meet you and your dogs individual needs.

I am offering real time sessions online via Zoom and outdoor sessions only. I recommend all starter sessions begin online. You'll get the same training expertise and assistance, only you stay in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Learn The Basics: Using only positive reward based training, with a reward marker (clicker and/or voice), a harness or flat-buckle collar, treats, toys and fun, we will teach your dog "good dog" manners, including how to walk on leash without pulling. Once you know the basics, I can help you and your dog prepare for the Canine Good Citizen test. Is your dog therapy material? ** We can prepare for that too.

  • One Hour Basic Dog Training Session - $115

  • Three - One Hour Basic Training Sessions $310 (payable at first session)

  • Five - One Hour Basic Training Sessions $500 (payable at first session)

  • Consultation - $160 Generally lasting 90 minutes to 2 hours, consults are for specific needs or behavior concerns such as

    • Helping you and your new puppy or dog get started on the right foot

    • Fearfulness

    • Resource guarding

    • Reactive to other dogs

    • Family Paws Parent Education Dogs & Storks® and Dogs & Toddlers™ related consults

Create and design your own class with the a 3 or 5 session package. Grab a couple of friends, decide what you'd like to do and split the cost between you!

Created by Jennifer Shyrock, B.A. CDBC, Founder Family Paws Parent Education

Dogs & Storks® This program is perfect for expecting families with dogs as they prepare for life with baby. You will learn positive, practical, and fun solutions that will help you include your dog once baby arrives.

  • Tips to begin preparing with your family dog for life with baby

  • Must-know information for expecting parents with dogs

  • Practical solutions, you can have fun while your dog learns!

  • Education on dog body language that will enhance your bond and success

  • Ongoing support through your baby’s first years

Dogs & Toddlers™ is the ideal program for families with dogs and babies who are soon to be crawling or walking. This program offers insight and

proactive options for some of the common challenges families with dogs experience as baby becomes mobile.

  • Answers to your questions about dog and toddler dynamics

  • Must-know information for parents who have babies soon to be crawling or walking

  • Advice about common trouble spots between toddlers and dogs in a home

  • Practical solutions, from activities to include your dog to daily routines and management

  • Insight into how your changing family dynamics may affect your dog

**Because "certification" for therapy work is always done by the specific program that the owner chooses to participate with, owners need to work directly with a therapy dog program to certify their dog. Small and Tall Dog Training does not provide therapy dog certification. When you are ready to pursue therapy dog certification you will need to identify a therapy dog program to participate with and contact the program directly.