CGC Prep class

"Thanks so much for the pic and all your wise counsel in helping us to train Keno. He is getting so much better at everything you taught. We are both so very pleased with his progress. He is such a good boy." Jennie C. -- Basic Manners Graduate

"Hi Lisa, Just wanted to let you know how much Muffin and I enjoyed your class today. It was not only a lot of fun but instructive as well on many levels. I hope you are planning to have another session soon and will keep me on your mailing list. Thanks again for a fun day with our dogs" Karen G -- Play and Games participant

Annabelle and foster pup Lily
The Inquisitive Swarley
When our dogs have something they shouldn't, it's important that they are comfortable and willing to give it up, and not run away or quickly swallow it (dangerous!) or guard it. When practicing this, the trade should be something they consider more valuable than what they have (in this case,bacon!). See how willingly they give up their wonderful bully sticks. Then BONUS! They get them back.
Even trainers take dog training classes. This is me, my husband Chris, and Percy graduating from our Basic Manners class.