Local Wokshops, Articles, Books, and Websites:

The following books are available at (great site for resources of all things Dog) and Amazon.

Dog Sense by John Bradshaw A great book beginning with the origins of dogs and going on to explain why positive training is much more beneficial than the other out-dated methods.

The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson A must read to help you understand the relationship between humans and our canine companions. Enjoyable and lots of good training information.

For The Love Of A Dog by Patricia McConnell, PH.D A lot of good information from picking out a puppy to reading your dogs body language, and more. Learn about similarities and surprising differences between the canine and human brains and how current scientific studies have led the author to conclude without a doubt that dogs share a profound emotional life with us.

Plenty In Life Is Free by Kathy Sdao in which she examines her own training philosophy over the years and building the relationships between humans and dogs.

MINE! by Jean Donaldson discusses the different resource guarding scenarios and how to work with them.

FIGHT! A Practical Guide To The Treatment Of Dog-Dog Aggression Also by Jean Donaldson

When Pigs Fly! byJane Killion You don't need an impossible dog for this one. It's a good training book all around!

Don't Leave Me! by Nicole Wilde A very insightful and helpful book for owners with dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

I'll Be Home Soon by Patricia McConnell, PhD - a guide to preventing and treating Separation Anxiety

Blogs and Publications:

The Other End of the Leash – a great blog by Patricia McConnell, PH.D

The Whole Dog Journal - a monthly publication with articles about canine nutrition, behaviors and training.

Forget About Being Alpha in Your Pack by Kathy Sdao - Wonderful article about how the wolf pack theory is not only out of date but is also a myth.

Area Dog Related Services:

Your Dogs Friend - Enough cannot be said about this non-profit organization. To help keep dogs out of shelters, YDF has resources and information for all types of behavior problems, free workshops, and a variety of classes, all taught by positive trainers.

Perfect Pair Animal Care offering pet-sitting and dog walking services. Perfect Pair Animal Care embraces a philosophy that is centered around positive relationships and force-free interactions. If your dog is fearful or has special needs, you can be assured that your pet will be very well taken care of.


Family Paws - Promoting safety for families with dogs.

Living with Kids & Dogs - Parenting Secrets for a Safe and Happy Home


Whole Pet Central Owned by John McGeehan, Liora Robinson and Bob Irvin, Whole Pet Central is a high quality pet food store located in Rockville, MD, Ashburn, VA and Herndon, VA.

Two Paws Up in Frederick, MD. I'm very happy to be adding Two Paws Up. I'd taken them off about a year ago when I saw that they were selling prong collars. Since then, the store has a new owner Kevin Moriarty. Today was the first day I've been there since Kevin took ownership and was very happy to see that they no longer carry prong collars or any other type of aversive equipment. Kevin's philosophy is "If it doesn't enhance the pets life, it doesn't belong in my store" My feelings exactly Kevin! I'm so happy to put Two Paws Up back on my list as a recommended pet friendly business. Even the pups are happy about it because once again we have a place close enough to the office to walk to where they can refill their bully stick supplies.