Group Classes

PRIMARY PUPPY CLASS -  for puppies 8 weeks - 18 weeks - CLICK HERE to register

Teach your puppy the skills they’ll need to thrive in their new world.  With a focus on socialization, you’ll help build their confidence as they learn to navigate new and different obstacles. You’ll also teach them basic skills like coming when called, leave it, drop it and leash walking. 

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  -  Beginning training for all dogs 5 months and up - Class begins Thursday October 5th  @6:30pm CLICK HERE to register

This class helps you and your dog learn to work together as a team. In this class you will learn how to communicate with your four-footed companion while teaching him all of the basic skills like coming when called, leave it, drop it, loose leash walking and more.  

SECONDARY SCHOOL - for Primary Puppy and Elementary School graduates or or other beginning positive training classes.  Class starts Sunday August 13th - CLICK HERE to register

Bring your training to the next level.  In this class you and your dog will be building and strengthening the skills you've learned, and some new ones, by practicing them in "real life" scenarios. 

CANINE GOOD CITIZEN (CGC) PREP CLASS -  Starting  September 10, 23! - CLICK HERE  to register

The AKC canine good citizen program was developed to test a dog's disposition as well as the dog's and handlers skills.  The CGC test is a great goal for everyone to have weather you're going on to become a therapy team, compete in dog sports and even "just because".   A test will be scheduled by Your Dogs Friend shortly after the class is complete.   The AKC's Canine Good Citizen - What it is                                                    

Around the Town  -  Starting August 16th @ 7:30pm - CLICK HERE  to register

This 4 week class will take what you learned in previous training classes out into the real world. Explore new sights, sounds, smells, and experiences with your pup by visting a different location each class. You and your dog must have already worked on loose-leash walking and completed a positive manners class or have instructors permission.  

Students from Primary Puppy, Elementary School and Secondary classes will find this to be a natural next step in your training.

HELP YOUR FEARFUL DOG - ONLINE CLASS   -  Starts Sept 11th @11:30 CLICK HERE  to register

In this class, you will learn how to pinpoint the signs your dog is worried. You’ll gain some strategies to minimize your dog’s exposure to the things that trigger his anxiety and learn a process to work through your dog’s fears, changing your dog’s emotional response from “Oh no!!” to “Okay!”. In return, your dog will gain confidence and learn to trust that you’ve got his back.

Help Your Fearful Dog is 4 sessions, taught live online via Zoom so you can join from anywhere.

Your dog does not need to be present so there's no added stress.

Class can be recorded if you're going to miss a session.

Registration in the course also includes access to a Facebook discussion group where you can pose specific questions about you and your dog.

Let's Be Brave! Confidence Building for your Fearful Dog 

Class starts October 9th @7:00pm - CLICK HERE  to register

Does your pup flatten at the sound of a truck coming by or an unexpected noise?  Is he afraid when something new suddenly appears in the home or along his usual walk? 

In Let’s Be Brave you’ll learn how to read your dog’s body language, how scent work, teaching tricks, and interacting with obstacles, will build your dogs confidence.  You'll also learn elements of cooperative care – teaching your dog to take part in his care.In Let’s Be Brave your dog will learn that that you’ve got his back and being brave makes good things happen.

"[Our dog] used to go to the vet and was so anxious she wouldn't even take treats.  The last couple of times we went, she accepted LOTS of treats, and even wagged her tail.  Simply saying "good girl" seems to be enough for her to want to explore 'scary' things. "

PET TRICKS   -  Click here  to register!

Teaching tricks is a great way to have fun with your dog, exercise his brain and body, build your bond, practice the training skills you already have and learn new ones.  This 4-week class will be individualized to help you find the tricks that your dog likes and is best able to do, from old stand-bys like rolling over or giving a high-five, to skateboarding.  You can also earn your way up the different levels of the AKC’s Trick Dog Titles.

"Lisa made training accessible and fun!  Our dog did not have the benefit of training, as she was a COVID puppy.  But with one session, we are on our way to mastering several tricks.  Lisa was extremely patient and knowledgeable and she made training a "treat" for us and our dog.  An added bonus, Lisa's adorable boston terrier Mabel was on hand to demonstrate.  Looking forward to another session soon!" - Sara K

No class scheduled?  Grab a few friends and create your own in your own backyard!  See Services and Rates  for details.

Check back often for more listings!

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